Tuesday 13 September 2005


E-mail has now become a big part of our lives and in order to understand how to use that better I've added this post. And yes it's also a part of my notes... you probably know all this stuff but here it is anyways.

The first text box in a web based e-mail client or an e-mail client is always is always the TO: box.
In this box we need to type in the e-mail address of the person to whom we are going to send the e-mail to.
Then comes the CC textbox or the Carbon Copy text box. This is where we type in the name of the people who you want to send copies of the letter to.
The name originates form the carbon used in typewriters. They put carbon sheet ni between two papers so that when the hammer hits the paper it also imprints the same thing on the other paper which is behing the carbon paper. This is called the Carbon Copy.
Then BCC or Blind Carbon Copy
If you want to send an e-mail to a person but do not want him to know who else got the same e-mail then their e-mail address goes here.

Here's some stuff that I dug up myself:

  • E-mail is short for electronic mail.
  • It is the transmission of text messages and files over a network (usually the internet!)

That's all I could find for now. Will be adding more later to this post.

Still anxiously waiting for my teacher to complete his lesson...

Source answers.com, my notes and web-opedia

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