Tuesday 6 September 2005

Enable live bookmarks

To stay updated Mozilla Firefox has this excellent feature called "Live bookmarks". This is a feature that utilizes the RSS feed or Atom feed, however this is easier because you can visit the page right from your browser without any external site of software.

To add a Live Bookmark, just follow these steps and in no time you'll find that you have a lot of live bookmarks.

1. First click on the orange icon in the address barClick on the Orange RSS Feed icon

2. When you do that a screen will pop up like this one
Click on OK

Here you can specify the name of the bookmark and which folder to create it in.
After you are done just click on okay and you are done!

To access the Bookmarks go to the Bookmark toolbar. There you will see the Beyond Teck folder(or the folder you stored it in) in Bookmarks menu. Then hover over the option that says "Beyond-Teck!" and you can see my recent posts.

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