Thursday 10 November 2005

Powerpoint is usually a good thing but sometimes...

Usually many people who discover Powerpoint (the software that is usually used for presentations in the 1980's) are really impressed with what they can create. Powerpoint sure does have a lot of power from a persentation makers point of View but the people who go through the presentation don't think so. I've uncovered this article that tells you all about how much people can hate Powerpoint presentations if they are overdone. Andrew Wahl tells us all about it! I suspect he also did see a boring Powerpoint presentation before he wrote this article!
That reminds me... when I went to see this

Just put together a good presentation with nothing fancy, is the key. Apparently the most effective thing in a presentation is "you!". Your voice and the way you go about the presentation is more important than the presentation slides!
I too think that the most important thing to do with PP is that to express your point. Other wise it will be "PowerPointLess"!
Here is another article that talks about the power of the New PowerPoint XP which is part of the new Office XP suite.
Powerpoint has many features that are unexplored or just aren't considered professional enough when creating presentations. That's why the key to making professional presentations is "Keep it simple"! ...
Another article by Ian Grayson from The Australian tell us how to utilize the power that is hidden away in power point.
Here are some of his tips

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