Friday 23 December 2005

The power of Openoffice

Today I just realized how powerful open source software can be. No wonder the people over at Microsoft have so much pressure to keep their standards high. If you compare Openoffice to Microsoft Office, the only difference I see is the price. You need to pay or not pay. Except for the fact that Openoffice doen't have a few of the features in other office suites, it's a great deal and of course you can't beat the price!

After playing around for a little while here are the features I really liked...

I just loved the fact that you can export documents to PDF format (to make it look more professional I guess).
I liked how it asks you what you want to delete when you press delete in OpenOffice Calc... although it is annoying sometimes, I seem to find it useful when you need to delete only one particular kind of data.
It's interface is also kind of cool, for the price you pay its well designed, for sure.
Before I know it I'm sure I'm going to find more stuff that is really interesting and great... hopefully.

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