Friday 20 January 2006

Performancing for Firefox works for Flock

Today I was trying finding someting to make my blogging life easier. Of course I have Flock, because I do seem like a few of its features. Many of us know (if you don't know then read Paul's Review) that Flock has the capability of inbuilt blogging. As a blogger I've never liked the blogging tool that came with Flock, no offence but Performancing is way better. Then why not get performancing for Flock?

The first idea that came to my mind was get the performancing then reverse engineer it for Flock. But then I went to the site. And saw that there was and install button, so I said to myself, why not try and see if it works for flock. Then I saw the post by Nick, and it does say that you can use it for flock, no problem! I installed it and now it works perfectly fine. Give it a try, if you use flock sometimes. Okay, there are a few bugs but, it's the same as in Firefox, and has all the same functionalities. So go ahead and try it out yourself.

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