Thursday 23 February 2006

A list of things that I'm working on right now...

Okay, as a tech enthusiast I can't stop working on something that I've started already. Unfortunately, because of school all of these projects have to wait, my teachers seem to be going crazy (pehaps because March break is oh so near) and giving us as many projects as they can and not to mention the tests... However I still think that it is kind of cool to keep a list of my future coding (and graphic designing) project so here's a list of what's coming up...

1. The Beyond Tecknology RSS Widget (for Yahoo Widgets and Dashboard)
2. A little bit more complex widget for Tech Rx (for Yahoo Widgets and Dashboard)
3. My very own chat bot (if possible)
4. Scripting in blogger to have emoticons (I'm to totally sure but I have a feeling it is possible, with javascript)
5. A new site layout, well I'll alter this layout itself and probably outsource the CSS and so on... basically make the page faster and less buggier
6. My long awaited Password CheckR, which is not all that good right now in detecting so I still need to fine tune it. It won't be as good as the other ones out there, but oh well atleast I'm improving my coding skills

Reciepes (for the best tutorial site in the world
1. The photoshop tutorial that I've been working on, but haven't quite gotten around to finish the screen shots
2. Perhaps a few gimp tutorials
3. How to unclutter the desktop
4. Make posts shorter in blogger (i.e. add the 'Read More' link)

Well that's all I can think up of right now that I'm doing... If you've got more ideas feel free to tell me!

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