Tuesday 11 April 2006

Design for 2.0

Just recently I came across this great blog published by a fellow Indian, that talks about Web 2.0 and how to make your website look web 2.0. He's definately got some great tips over there, and I'll be sure to include it in my next redesign (which is going to be very soon).

However one of the most important things that Ganesh forgot to mention is Ajax, which is key in any web 2.0 design, but I'm sure it just slipped his mind (this is usual for me when I tend to write long articles I usually forget key points, but usually add them later). But it doesn't really matter all that much I guess. Hmm... it looks like I'm wrong in this point actually, because Ganesh in the comments has clarified that a piece of code doesn't have anything to do with design. I guess I was wrong in mistaking integration with the site design and design, but now I understand that they are two different things. Silly me.

You definitely need to take a look at his blog, and the article. And if you want your website to be Web 2.0 certified, make sure you check out Certifyr.com (and fyi beyondteck is 88% Web 2.0 Compliant according to certifyr...!

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