Friday 14 April 2006

I don't like

I usually like Firefox, but this build... not so much (excecpt on the intel mac mini). Perhaps when you look at this build from a vulnerability standpoint then it's good. however after I installed, I lost all my Sage Feeds!! Along with that I also lost all the links on my bookmark toolbar. And whenever I open up Firefox, it opens in a weird size, which is not the way I prefer my windows. The other things like Spellbound and so on still work though. And I'm quite sure it's not my fault.

Well it might just be me, but this has to stop, I mean I have like 250 Feeds in Sage. Not cool if you loose them. From now on I think I'll just start using things like Bloglines and and start using the Gmail drive shell extension, just in case things like this start happening again.

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  1. Instead of using Sage, try Google Reader - it works with multiple computers (and your cell phone), so you'll never read RSS entries twice.