Monday 3 July 2006

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

google gmail logoWe all know that the saying is definately true! If you don't believe in it then here's an example for you: I posted the article on how to make Gmail more secure... and it got on's front page, but was soon demoted by users and was burried with only 137 diggs.

However, Adam has published a similar article on his blog which got about 1324 diggs... wow! Ok, I'm not going to argue about how Adam got his article up there, whilst my article wasn't really appreciated that much although it was the same thing. But as you can see from this example people really don't pay attention to things, and sometimes something looks sensible and other times the exact same thing is classified as worthless.

May be if the people would have read my article wayyyyy back in January they might be safer today. Ok... may be Gmail isn't that important but what if it was about ... the earth was going to get hit by a comet in 24 hours and people burried my story because they thought I was lying and din't now about my SupRRRman (or may be Nach-OOOOOOOOO!) powers? Pretty interesting to see how people think, huh?

I guess I should become a psychologist I'm sure there's some law (which is probably named the 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' law) that describes how people react... atleast I'm guessing there is some kind of algorithm that describes it?

Anyways, I seem to be really busy this summer... yeah I know, summer and busy don't exactly go together but hey, I might as well work instead of stabbing myself with a needle due to extraneous boredom.

Basically I'm working on a couple of site designs simultaneously, although I'd love to talk about it I think it is better not to. You never know if the client is going to get furious just because his web designer posted a little 16x16 screenshot of the website on his blog... but as soon as the designs are released I'll make sure to write about it.

In other news I'm going to be at the CyberArtsCamp this summer, so if you want to pick up some handy Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash MX or Dreamweaver skills then make sure to drop by the camp. Although I'm guessing there won't be much time for most to grasp the advanced skills such as Action Script 2 or anything but well atleast you can boast that you know how to use flash.

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