Saturday 12 April 2008

Dowload Free Toast Titanium alternative for Mac

Sometimes paying for software just isn't an option. But thankfully, there are a lot of free and open source alternatives around that you can make use of without spending a fortune on software. If you have a CD burner or a DVD burner in your computer then you'll also want CD burning software to go along with that. Usually such computers burners come with unhelpful pre-installed software or just use the insufficient features provided by the operating system. However, if you're on a Mac then have I got a great free application for you to check out.

It's called BurnX Free and it's a great nifty little tool to help you burn all your CDs and DVDs for free without having to spend a fortune on a like Roxio's Toast Titanium, which retails for about 80 bucks! Yikes! In fact, if you're on leopard and stuck with Toast 8 Titanium you'll actually experience bugs while doing simple tasks such as burning a CD. Granted you won't be able to burn HD-DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs but who has the hardware to burn those disks anyway? With BurnX Free you can even erase your DVDs and CDs if they are re-writable and not finalized.

If you're looking for great CD burning software for your new mac or may be even your old one, I strongly urge you to check out BurnX free. It's great for lightweight burning jobs or even backing up files on your computer. Oh and if you do like it then feel free to donate, keeping in mind that you've just saved yourself 80 bucks.

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  1. ...and if you're looking for completely FREE and powerful CD/DVD and Blu-Ray/HD-DVD burning application you're welcomed to give a try to the StarBurn from Rocket Division Software.

    Just in case here's an URL:




  2. Awesome! Thanks for sharing the tip ichiro.

  3. That would be a great tip.... assuming StarBurn wasn't a Windows app. Note the article is about Burn, a Mac application... get a clue and stop using random blogs to promote your own site.