Monday 5 January 2009

CalorieKing: A great free website to keep track of calories

Some people are able to maintain their weight in tip-top condition without any effort. Others, are not so lucky. There are many things out there that experts recommend you do in order to lose some weight. But, most of these plans involve cutting down the calories.

Are you counting your calories to get back on track? Good for you. But the problem is, how can you cut down on calories, when you don't really know how many calories are there in something? Things like subway sandwiches, Big Macs and tomatoes don't come with a nutrition label.

However, fear not - where's there's an internet connection, there is a way. It's called and it's a website that helps you find how many calories are there in each types of foods. Be it a banana or a egg McMuffin - it's mostly all there.

Plus, you can also specify the method something was cooked and so on. For example when you type in rice, you won't get a option for rice, instead you'll be presented with several options such as brown rice, white rice, sticky rice... and so on.

Of course, you can also pay to become a member of the site, and they'll offer additional features like ability to track your weight, track progress and help you "stay motivated", but I'm pretty sure an excel spreadsheet can help you do the same.

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  1. I need this. Working in aircraft mro and esm system isn't keeping me as fit as it did when I was younger.