Sunday 4 January 2009

My Blogger Wish List

Hi Blogger team,

I hope you don’t mind reading this blogger wish list, but sometime soon I’d really like to see all the things in this list on blogger. I’ve been wanting these features since 3 years ago, but I’ve never seen any features like this yet, which is why I’ve decided to put up this post. Please try to implement these features as soon as possible, because that would really make my blogging life so much easier. I’m aware that blogger is probably the most biggest blogging platform in the world and hosts billions of blogs, but nevertheless, I think it has potential to become even better!

Furthermore, I would like to say that some of these suggestions are mere rip-offs of Wordpress ideas. But I think that blogger will become a much better platform if the blogger team at least tries to implement some of the Wordpress features.
  1. A feature that allows you to do more instead of just upload pictures. I mean, a feature like the one in wordpress where you can actually select a caption for the image, choose its size and orientation, and add an ‘Alt’ tag. The ability to browse through the gallery of already uploaded pictures would also be great. Moreover, the ability to add effects to the image (like the options to add reflections, shadows and borders in Windows Live Writer) would ensure Blogger’s spot as one of the best blogging platforms.

  2. The ability to create better hyperlinks - Again, I think that wordpress has a better hyperlinking feature where you can add a title, choose the target, and even add a custom class to the hyperlink.

  3. The ability to create a ‘more’ tag. So far, I’ve been using the ‘span’ class hack, but I find it that it’s just too bothersome to keep adding tags all the time, and it’d be a great thing if blogger just has a ‘more’ button that I can click on.

  4. A feature that allows everyone to comment with their website address and name. I realize that blogger has finally come to their senses and created an inbuilt comment form but I think they should allow the authors of the blog to choose what fields the author would like to have in their comment form.

  5. Faster load times and less ‘We’re sorry your request could not be completed’ messages. Although, it’s not really high on my ‘this thing bugs me’ list, it is something the blogger team should look into.

  6. The ability to post from any browser would also be great. For example, when I try to use Safari to put up a post, it creates several weird random div tags around things, has a weird text box on the posting page and other sorts of weird things going on.
Finally, after all this ranting, I think that blogger so far has been a great platform. Especially the things like the sidebar gadgets, have been wonderful, but I think they should really concentrate on making their posting interface a bit more beautiful and easy to use to help people blog... a bit more than helping people display their flickr images in the sidebar.

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