Saturday 10 January 2009

Mac Tip: Look up words in the Dictionary

Here's a great little tip for people like me who have a vocabulary of 23 words. With OS X it's super easy to find out the definitions of any word that you come across on the internet, when you are using Safari.

When you come across a word you don't know. Simply select the word, right click and click Look Up in Dictionary. As soon as you do that the dictionary will pop-up showing you the definition of the word.

Additionally, you can open dictionary (its in your Application folder) click Dictionary in the menubar, and click Preferences... and and beside contextual menu select 'Open Dictionary Panel' and you won't even have to open the dictionary and a panel like below will appear.
This tip is especially good when you are reading articles that are full of so many uncommon words that its hard to decipher. In a way, having applications like the OS X dictionary make the computer a much better choice for students and life long learners.

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  1. I suffer from the same problem. I am a person of few words. I work in a very technical field, and I know the words I need for this, for mro services but when it comes to anything else I am wordless. Literally.