Wednesday 4 February 2009

xMod - Change hidden Mac OSX settings for Leopard!

I've always wondered if there was some application like the ones for windows where you could tweak additional system settings to make the mac perform better or customize it. Turns out, there's a great little application that can do a lot more than that.
It's called xMod, and it's a small, free utility that can do a lot of things. You can find a whole list of stuff it does on their website, but here's a list of things I find interesting:
  • It can repair permissions to make sure everything is fine on the OS X file system. (Yes, I know, disk utility can do this too.. but xMod can do so much more!)
  • It can check the SMART status of your Disks, and tell you if your hard drive is about to fail (hah. and you thought computers couldn't have fortune tellers)
  • It can verify preference files (these are the settings and so on for the applications on your Mac) and find out if there are any errors in them
  • It can tweak finder and it's appearance. It can also tweak screen capture settings and menubar styles. Plus, it can also make your screensaver as your desktop wallpaper! (Sort of like Windows DreamScene, but it takes up too many resources on your computer and will slow you down, so I'd recommend that you only have your screensaver as your desktop wallpaper when you aren't doing any actual "work" on your mac)
  • It can change the appearance of your OS X dock to make it a 3d dock or a 2d dock
  • It can disable dashboard
  • It can Enable 'Sticky' mode for Dashboard widgets (so you can drag them on to your desktop if you wish)
  • It can:
  • Enable/Disable Spaces
  • Add dock spacers
  • Remove Dead tracks from iTunes
  • Change a whole load of Disk utility/Address Book/Expose/ Terminal/Safari Options!
Plus, you can change all the things listed above with just clicking on the 'Apply button!'. Undeniably, xMod is a great little application that's powerful and easy to use at the same time!

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  1. Do you, or anyone, know where I could find a list of the actual terminal commands to do the things that these apps are doing. Looking at the picture above, I am interested in:

    - disable creation of .DS_Store files
    - show hidden files
    - show list view stripes

    But that's just from what I see. I would like to know what else is available and how I can manually turn it on or off via terminal.

  2. See the latest version. It has all these features also.



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