Tuesday 21 April 2009

Replace add with art by using a free firefox addon

Are you tired of viewing annoying ads on websites? Yeah me too. I find that just plain text ads (like the kind on this blog) are okay as long as they don't block up too much space or distract you from seeing the "real" websites. But sometimes, a lot of websites just tend to go overboard with the annoying type of ads - banners and animated ads.

For such cases, Firefox has a great add-on called Add-Art that instead of just blocking out the ad replaces it with art! Check out the demo:

Introduction to Add-Art from Steve Lambert on Vimeo.

This is one step better than normal extensions such as adblock plus that merely block the advertisements. Plus, sometimes, the creators of a website reserve some space for an ad (through CSS) and so when you visit such websites with Ad-block plus, you'll end up with a white rectangles all over the place. For instance you can see a big white square in the Nytimes.com page below.

Update: Hah, with extensions like Adblock plus, I forgot that this website displays advertisements too! I guess if you don't want to see advertisements on this website or any others, you can get yourself an adblock extension. I for one appreciate the measly revenue I get from Google's advertisements.

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