Wednesday 17 February 2010

Download Alarm Beep Clock (ABC)

Alarm Beep Clock (or ABC if you like acronyms) is my take at a really really simple quick and easy alarm clock for windows. It's so simple that it's only 15 lines of code! No kidding! It's free to download and free to modify any way you wish, and comes with full source code (completely commented of course).

The idea behind ABC is that if you ever need a simple alarm clock or a timer, just use ABC. ABC works great if you only use Alarms (on your computer) once in a while, and need a little secondary alarm to help you out on those days before the test or to remind you to remove the pizza from the oven before it becomes "well done".

All you do is open up ABC.exe, adjust your speakers, type in the hours you'd like ABC to wake you after, and press ENTER. That's it. No complex dialogues or installation or other stuff. Just make sure that you don't accidently close ABC's console window.

Download AlarmBeepClock executable with Source (8.0 Kb .zip)

It's a simple clock that you could have created yourself; but it works, for me at least.

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  1. Haha! The random things we learn online. As an esm system and comint engineer I never knew this.