Monday 8 March 2010 is a suspicious website

Interestingly enough, I was browsing the Internet today and came across an interesting phenomenon related to my Internet Service provider. Turns out, Norton actually blocks Rogers' forum websites and shows the big red X beside any Rogers website in Google search results.

Sometimes, it even warns you when you click on the search results telling you that the website may be malicious.  Maybe it's because the forum has a lot of bad advice. I guess it serves Rogers right for blocking bit torrent traffic, even if it is downloading an open source project like Ubuntu.

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  1. Very ironic about Rogers website and Norton warnings. I'm still smiling at your suggestion that it is due to the content and bad advice on the Rogers site!!!

    Also, I really laughed at your 2006 post on repairing an iPod Shuffle. I own two 2nd gen shuffles. They are wonderful when they functioned properly. Unfortunately, I was familiar with every tale of woe from your article and the 15 comment thread that followed. Have you ever tried Apple's diagnostics for shuffle? Another joke.
    You have a fun blog!!!