Sunday 23 January 2011

Mail Merge on a Mac

I've been wanting to do Mail merge on a Mac for a while now, but until now Google seemed to have failed me. I realize that mail merges are probaby easy enough to do with Outlook (or may be even Entourage), but unless you have the latest version of Outlook installed on your Mac, you won't be able to do much. Another alternative I've come across is using Thunderbird, and an addon called mailmerge to do something similar, but that too would involve downloading/installing/setting up Thunderbird and therefore would not be the optimal choice. I also came across a shareware app called Emailmerge that claims to send out mail merged emails, but it seems like the free version can only send out 20 mails at a time.

Finally, I came across this idea that was mentioned in Mac Forums (with a video that nicely explains how you do it!) where it talked about using Automator and, both of which come installed by default on every Mac to do automatic mail merges... or at least semi-automatic mail merges since I have only figure out how to get Automator to open the mail merged content in a new window.

Apart from the Automator + combo, I think that this solution of using AppleScripts for merges is also worth a shot, although I think it takes too much configuration time and may be a little more complicated to do.

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