Sunday 25 September 2005

Cool Downloads

My list of cool downloads:

This is where I put things info about things that I've downloaded or have heard about, which could be useful.

Good Downloads
  • Google web Accelerator
Have I tried it out myself?
Yes, even though I have high speed it worked! I found that a page that took 2 seconds to load now loads a coupe of milliseconds faster, but anyways it's worth it I think.

My review of this product: If you have any sort of connection this boosts your page loading speed. It makes your pages load seconds faster. If you have a slow internet connection and want to speed it up this is the way to go. Now you can get extensions like faster fox for firefox (even though it firefox is a bit faster than Microsoft Internet Explorer) but I didn't hear good reviews about it so I didn't venture into downloading that.

  • Mozilla firefox
Have I tried it out myself?
Yes, I use the 1.5 beta version (but it is under testing stage still so it has a few bugs)

My review of this product:

Mozilla has come up with this cool product called Mozilla FireFox for windows and mac. Basically it is a web browser that is a better version of netscape navigator and internet explorer put together. But the good thing that I like in it are:

  • Faster
  • Customizable look so you can dress it up how you want it
  • it has cool addons (mozilla calls it extensions)
  • Most of all anybody can creat a component for Firefox so people come up with genious ideas of how to make a browser better and you can download that extension. Sort of like wikepedia it's always updated.
  • Winamp Player
Have I tried it out myself?

My review of this product:
Well until I try it out all I can say is that it looks cooool!

  • iTunes
Have I tried it out myself?
Yes, I use the latest windows version which is iTunes

My review of this product:
It is really good in the graphics area but not so good in the file managing area. You need to get the hang of it for a while until you can use it properly. If you have any other files like WMA or anything else it converts it to mpeg4. so it you want to keep it in it's original format you can't play it iTunes. But what its good in though is podcasts and all that kind of stuff, as it is easier to manage it.
  • Google Talk
Have I tried it out myself?
Yes, I use the latest windows version.

My review of this product:
Simple yet good. Almost every thing that google makes is always simple. It has no adds. And tell you when you have an e-mail etc. The best thing about this is that you get to us the Internet Call feature. Google talk has the best call clarity which is better than any other internet messenger that I've used! It is also a really short download.
Cons: Yes unfortunately it does have some minus points. Biggest problem is that no one has it unlike msn messenger and all that. It does not have display pictures or avatars. It does not have e-moticons. Doesn't have custom skins. And you don't have a lot of customization. But I presume that pretty soon google is going to add this and Google talk is still in the beta stages.

Well that's all the reviews I have for now but I'll make sure I update this list regularly. Another thing is that don't take my word for it this is just what I think but I know other people who have faced serious problems and don't like this product. This post is only to inform you about the latest stuff!

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