Wednesday 12 October 2005

Alienware PC's up to 4.0 GHz!

Alienware PC
Alienware the creator of high performance computers comes up with cool computers. They now have set higher standards for their stuff. I guess a Pentium 5 5.0 GHz processor is going to coming sooner than I thought in the near future. If you wan't to know more then just go to alienware's website.They sure did break the performance barrier and out smarted their competition. No wait a minute they have none...
If you are a gamer or a video processing guru I guess you are going to need PC's like this in the near future if you don't have them yet.
One thing is for sure the people at Alienware do put a lot of effort into making their computer look very good. The pc's from alienware are one of the best pc's I've ever seen. They seem to stand out from the rest of the black and white coloured pc's.
If only I was a extreme programmer... I could have probably owned a alienware pc. Sadly I'm not, I guess that's just the way how things are.

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