Thursday 17 November 2005

Google base (beta) is now officially open!

The long awaited Google base is now released ¦
¦. Google base is something very useful for many people. This is what Google
has to say about Google base.

"Today we're excited to announce Google
, an extension of our existing content collection efforts like web
crawl, Google Sitemaps, Google Print and Google Video. Google Base enables
content owners to easily make their information searchable online. Anyone,
from large companies to website owners and individuals, can use it to submit
their content in the form of data items. We'll host the items and make them
searchable for free. There's more
info here

Many people say that this is good for nothing because no "average Joe
user" is going to use this. Unfortunately I agree.

This is where find articles, ideas and all that stuff so that "the
world can access it" according to Google. But I say if nobody is going to
post an item then how is anybody going to access it? So it's got a long way
until it comes out of beta. But I figure that Google is probably going to add
more features to "First Base" (that's what Google called it in their
) The most traffic is probably going to be from people doing research
work (like us students)

Now to compare this with a traditional news source, by Robert Hof and Sarah
Lacy from Business week online have this to say about Google base.

They say that Google search might success, but how far can they go if they
don't have any adds. But they too say that Google has cool services. Their
very first line speculates that Google might be wanting to get a few
classified adds and so on. I agree that every company has to get money somehow
but I don't think that Google is going to stoop down that low and go for the
money instead of the quality. Although the adds do seem to get more and more,
on the search pages and G-mail. But as long as they aren't annoying little
banners or pop ups I don't think the public should mind.

Also mentioned is that classifieds are product search which is what
Google's mission is "make product search easier".

Source for slashdot article

Hof,Robert - Lacy, Sarah article

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  1. I still use MSN/AIM. Not a lot of people are on Google Talk.