Sunday 8 January 2006

Microsoft's newsletter is considered 'Potentially dangerous'?

Ha, it's funny to know that my Windows Live Mail (beta) thinks that a newsletter from Microsoft is spam... no wait a minute, is Windows Live Mail right?
I haven't laughed for a while now since my system crashed yesterday morning (yes will be writing a post about that later, so that you can prevent your system from crashing.) But then I wondered... why did this happen? Isn't Microsoft smart enough to program it in such a way that it recognizes Microsoft Newsletters are from a trusted source? May be it is...

If you read through what the message in red says about this mail, you are going to see 'Mail has elements found commonly in Phishing mails'. Basically what Windows Live mail is looking for is something called the SenderID. If it fails this, then it is considered as a phishing attempt. However if you compare the address that the newsletter came from and the address from where other newsletters come from it is almost identical! The only thing that is different is the first part of the e-mail address, the part that comes before the '@' sign.

When you take the first part and then compare to other newsletters such as this, the address is by this we can know that something is seriously fishy here. Or should is say Phishy. And the Sender is Microsoft Canada, not Microsoft.

Is Windows Live Mail Beta right? Or is it wrong? I have a feeling that I'm going to find out soon...

I'm quite sure however, that Microsoft has some problem in their SenderID process, but anyways we'll see...

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