Sunday 22 January 2006

Turning on Clear Type fonts

Quick Online Tips had published a cool article on how to reduce eye strain while using monitors, and I think you should go and read it right away! The most important thing that I liked was turning on ClearType fonts. Then it surprised me that I forgot the fact that XP didn't have cleartype by default... and turned it on right away. It surpises me, that XP didn't have clear type option in built... it even didn't have this option inside the Control Panel...
All other operating systems seem to have them, I mean it's default in OS X, it's a default in Windows Vista (because it uses the Segoe Ui Clear Type Font), then why couldn't Microsoft put it in say the Service Pack 2 or something like that? Even Linux for that matter (Gnome and KDE) seem to have clear type on...and Microsft expects us to go to the Power Toys section and get it and because this is something that was developed after the product was launched (here is the definition of a power toy)? I guess, many people still don't know about this and it's probably just another reason why people might prefer Apple over Microsoft...

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