Friday 17 March 2006

Behold My Latest Creation

Today I finished adding a lot of new features to my brand new template! This template, is by far the most advanced site design I've ever built, and has so much Javascript (no AJAX yet :( ) that it's definately going to take a while to load... untill I get my blog Ajaxed (which is going to be pretty soon). I'm not done adding complete functionality to the site design yet, and my sidebar is still lacking some basic funcitons (such as drag and drop :D ) but that will be implitemted soon, and as soon as I can dive into the Rico code, this site will most likely become the most advanced site you've ever seen (untill somebody does something to better my design)!
If you are curious about what I've done so far then read on...
So Far I've implememted these great features:
1. Better 'Continue Reading' link, i.e. if you click on the link then you will be taken to the portion that completes the post, not the begenning of the post.
2. If you've seen my front page you will realize that this blog now has 'Collapsable Sidebar Panels'. Which means that you can close the sidebar panels if you wish to. And if you have cookies enabled, your settings will stay that way.

3. Better blog layout and design (at least that's what I think). I've just added a better header graphic and so on, just to keep in touch with my graphics skills as well. And I've added more images over all to make the site look better (hopefully).
4. Better E-mail post link- I've taken the idea from this template and implemented it into my template, since it makes more sense to have the e-mail post link on the post page...
5. There are also other minor changes, such as favicon updates (I've changed it into a .ico file now and added some 'outer glow' to it.
Even though there are only 4 features that are listed here, more are on their way. And if you take a look at my source code, you will realize that there is a lot more coming...

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