Wednesday 29 March 2006

Lifehacker gets duped

Heh, okay so I'm know trying to run a blog like the 'Go flock yourself' guys (warning... they use harsh language), but sometimes things like this intrigue me, and somehow, I feel like blogging it today.
Lifehacker is a very good site to get all the latest information from, however sometimes you can also get wrong (totally wrong!) information from there... for example one of their editors thinks that the smileys added by the gmail skins extensions are a new feature in google and only a few 'special' accounts have them. Yeah right. Nothing wrong with that, except that they don't know the gmail skins extension. I mean I had blogged about this in February... so it's really old news.
The Googlified blog has posted several images of new features being rolled out in Gmail, specifically embedded HTML, images, and tables (okay, fine, smiley faces, too). Like Gmail Chat, it looks like Gmail is rolling out to small groups of users at a time.
And recently they also put up a post about how to use Gmail... it never ceases to amaze me that people actually didn't know that... common people, who don't you explore around a little bit more, I'm sure you'll know better than smileys for 'special' accounts.

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