Friday 7 April 2006

School is Marks

Today I was thinking about how school and the basic objectives of school has changed. To me school is there to give us a taste of life and to develop our skills such as task and problem solving skills. It's there so that we can learn something, have fun and enjoy what we are doing (including projects and so on). But now, it's just marks. Marks. That's it!

A while ago our Science teacher was explaining the things that we were supposed to do for our science fair. Of course we were given a hand out. And it looked that the original booklet that the hand out was photocopied from was about 25 years old (I suppose some people are just too lazy to type things out themselves). In that there was a line that said, "You are doing this to know more and have fun." However instantaneously our teacher said, "You are not doing this for fun you are doing it for marks." Is that something that us grade 9 students have to worry about? No. Is that something that is going to help us? No. Except for passing marks don't have any value... At all. It's just there to see if you are doing work or not.

Teachers seriously have to stop bickering about project due dates and marks and just give us projects so that we can learn. So that we can get more organised and pace our selves to handle the pressures of work environments. But only a few teachers seem to understand that... And the numbers are getting less day by day, or atleast that's what I think.

May be it's just my school (or perhaps only this teacher in particular) and not other schools, or other teachers, but still... Marks are not the most important thing in school!

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