Sunday, 16 September 2007

An update to Adobe Shockwave Player is available?

Ok, seriously, I thought Adobe was the creator of Photoshop right? Then what's up with the ugly "update your shockwave player" screens? Seriously though, at first I was reluctant to even click on the install button fearing that it was some kind of evil malicious spyware thing that might infect my already pre-infected Windows machine.

Anyway, I just went ahead and clicked on the install link anyway, and turns out it is the real deal, no spyware here. Still, I think adobe should update their ways of updating, and stop scaring people like this with ugly screens.

Oh and if anyone is wondering about the install.. it goes something like this:
  1. Internet Explorer asks you if you want to install an ActiveX control. I click install...
  2. Then it asks you for which language you want.. I choose English US..
  3. Then it asks if I want to install google reader.. I say what the flip, is evil google really trying to take over the world, and I uncheck the box and move on..
  4. Then it says RESTART YOUR COMPUTER? What?

Ok, wait, so I'm supposed to restart my computer to finish installation of a think called shockwave player? Why? This doesn't even make any sense. Oh well, I guess its no use about talking to big giants like Google and Adobe, they never seem to listen.

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  1. I Googled to get to you, seeing the same update automatically appear on my computer when I booted up. I have Adobe Reader automatic updates turned off -- how did Shockwave know an update was available? I cancelled the install as I noticed the same Windows 3.1 style presentation on the update screens.

  2. Yeah, Adobe is kinda sneaky about all this stuff. I think the component that updates Shockwave is different from the component that updates other Adobe stuff, mainly because they look really different. But it seems legit though, so I went ahead and updated. Haven't noticed any wierd activity yet.

  3. lol year 2010 and i find this from google

  4. Yeah, same here . . . 2-1/2 years after the original post, now WTF is up with the Shockwave update all of a sudden? FWIW, I just upgraded Mozilla Firefox 3.5.8 early yesterday (Feb 18, 2010). Over the past couple of years I've avoided MSIE like the plague. I wonder if my FF update has anything to do with this . . .