Saturday 1 December 2007

Excellent Blogging Tips from the Doc

Cory Doctorow from boingboing shares some of his thoughts on how to blog better to Thomas Crampton in this extremely cool video for anyone who wants to get into blogging.

Here's what I got from the video. It's pretty much the last part of the video but I'd like to summarize anyway, so that may be I'll remember it better.
  1. Have descriptive headlines and at the same time make them interesting (although it needs to be informative, I take it that it doesn't always have to be dull and would much rather prefer writing a headline that has Oomph. Like "The B@sturds of Sep 11" instead of "Sep 11" or simply "Basturds")
  2. Simplify the reading process for the reader - state what the article is about in the first paragraph, so that the reader can skip it.
  3. Every post should be only 1 page instead of a bazillion pages
  4. Respect the reader, and don't bombard them with ads and extra other unnecessary info
  5. Don't sell yourself and be honest
After listening to Cory, I feel as though I should remove the read more link on the homepage of the blog.

The main reason I have a read more link is so that the home page and the archive pages load up quick, and people (especially those with dial-up) can only read more if they are interested in the post. But I guess I might have to switch the template to display full posts on every page instead of just the excerpts if a lot of people start complaining.

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