Monday 11 August 2008

What is Bootsec.Bak? Can I delete it?

Today when I was browsing through my C: folder, which I don’t always do, I noticed that I had a lot of junk on there. Most of it seemed to be in a folder called dell, and most of them were drivers that were unzipped to that location before installation. After deleting such folders, I stumbled upon a file named Bootsec.bak. Of course, my first guess was that it was some kind of back-up file, since the file extension was .bak. Upon further investigation, it seemed to be to be the remnants of a Vista install, that I had recently done.


It also seems as though the file is only necessary if the installation of Vista does not go smoothly. So, without further consultation, I deleted the file, and seems like things are running smoothly without any problems. Therefore, it seems that it is completely safe to delete the bootsec.bak file, as it will not harm your computer in any form.

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  1. it just a backup if windows update or anything else goes wrong bootsec.bak means boot sector backup you can safely remove it but it will create new file every time your update your windows

  2. Aha! thanks for clearing that up! No wonder every time I see C folder again, the file seems to have reappeared from no where - even if I didn't do a vista install or anything. They should name it to something more appropriate like - windows-update-fail.bak