Sunday 12 October 2008

Why do Canadians always get all the cool tech stuff last?

The last time I checked, Canada was still a part of North America and RIM was a Canadian company. Yet, it seems like the Blackberry Storm will be heading down to the States first, before it becomes easily accessible for Canadian consumers (and hopefully, it won't be going to Rogers... the iPhone fiasco should be enough for a couple of years more to come). Interesting isn't it? I mean, I always believed that Canada was really technologically advanced, especially since the previous census had an option where one could fill out the form online, which was something pretty cool. But now it just seems like I'm all wrong. Even the Sony Experia isn't available in Canada yet.

Is it just me feeling this way, or does no one else care about this? I say, they should create some kind of a new law in order to help bring new technology into Canada. Its pretty wierd to know that people in India right now have cooler (and somewhat cheaper I must add)phones that what I'm using right now.

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