Saturday 29 November 2008

Google Search has another new feature - SearchWiki

I just noticed today that Google has added a rather interesting feature that allows people to sort their search results as they like. Instead of just showing a static list of search results, users that are logged into Google can now interact with the results. Apparently, from what I can tell so far, the users can promote search results to a higher rank, delete search results from the list and even leave comments about search results.The little icons that appear beside the search results I guess are Google's way of using the people to improve their searches. For example, if you click on the chat icon, you can leave a comment that becomes public. I don't know if having public comments by all sorts of random people is a good thing or not, but it sounds cool anyway. 

Plus, getting rid of search results is a feature that I feel is going to be quite useful when people use the I'm feeling lucky button. Since the I'm feeling lucky button takes you to the top result, you can simply 'configure' the top search result to reflect the website you want to come first.

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