Wednesday 24 December 2008

List of Websites for FREE math help, practice and tutorials!

Here’s a list of websites that are great for that additional math help anyone might need. I found then especially helpful last year when I was studying for my Math finals. Although these resources can’t really replace the experience you’ll gain by doing out the questions yourself, they will help you understand the concepts a little better.

Also, I must point out that the following resources will not replace friends and teachers that might be able to help you out. So use them only if it is truly necessary or just to review things you already know.

Yahoo Education Math - A great resource that covers all kinds of math topics from Grade 7 - Grade to Calculus. If you want to brush up on some math then this is the place you have to visit!

Purple Math - A website that’s great for help with topics that might be a little bit on the advanced side like Calculus and Functions. But nevertheless, they have lots of examples, illustrations and graphs that will help you better grasp the concepts. It even has a forums section where you can ask questions and get answers.

WebMath - A website that can not only teach you how to solve problems, but also help you solve them. Plus, it caters to many levels of math such as General Math, k-8 math, trigonometry and even calculus. A great resource.

Algebra Help - A site that has a huge list of algebra lessons, tips, help and much more. If you need some algebra help then this is the website you should visit.

MathForums - A great place to get help and even to solve their ‘problems of the week’ where they post a question every week or so, and you can try to come up with an answer for it.

Bonus: King’s list of On-line Math Activities - This website provides a great list of games that you can play to improve your mathematics skills. Although I must point out that it is all pretty basic math, but nevertheless you’ll definitely improve your skills or perhaps even gain a liking for math after playing these games.

Are there any other great math resources that you know of that might be beneficial to a student or an adult alike?

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