Monday 22 December 2008

Backing up and Downloading your PicasaWeb Pictures

I must mention here that I am not an avid PicasaWeb user (or even a Picasa user for that matter). But nevertheless, because this blog (or any new blogger blog for that matter) uses PicasaWeb to store all the pictures, I’ve found it necessary to brainstorm and research ways with which you can download and store the PicasaWeb albums for storage and backup purposes, onto your hard drive.

While doing so, I also realized that other people can download the pictures just as easily if your album is public, which I suppose serves as a warning for me to watch what I put on the Internet. Wouldn’t want that pic of me with a kilt circulating around after a couple of years!

Apparently, there are several ways that you can backup and download the information off of the PicasaWeb account. I’ll mention a few of them here:

Using Picasa (the software application) to download albums:

The most easiest method of all is to use Picasa to download zipped files of applications to your hard drive. But for now, Picasa is still a Windows or Linux app without any Mac support. So if you want to backup things on a Mac, you’ll have to use the solutions below.

Using other methods without installing Picasa (i.e. on a Mac!)

The DownThemAll Method

According to the GOS’s article on downloading picasa web albums without installing picasa they recommend using Firefox with the DownThemAll add-on. Then click on ‘RSS’ in the right hand column for the album you want to download, and right click on the RSS feed page, and click DownThemAll to download all the pictures in the album.

The Picasa Web Albums Assistant Downloader Method

In this method all you have to do is download the Picasa WebAlbums Assistant application created by a guy named Bradley Beach (who apparently wants to become a computer programmer), and the application will help you download whatever you need. The software is pretty simple and easy to use (well the guy created it for his dad... he had to make it user friendly!)
The Picasa Album Downloader does the same thing as well. Both applications run on Java, and need access through a firewall.

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