Wednesday 24 June 2009

The plan for summer

So summer has started, at least it has for most students in North America. This summer is different. I can almost feel it (interestingly enough there is a heat alert today in Toronto, and I can reacall that there was a snow storm warning only a couple of weeks ago). This year I don't want to waste my time watching movies, horsing around and wasting time on social networking websites. Instead, I want to do something productive with my time. So, I've decided to start a new "initiative" as it were to improve my knowledge and to share it with everybody (well everybody who can afford electricity, computers and an internet connection).

This summer I'll try to post 10 1-2 posts each day, with varying number of posts in each topic. Although there are no guarantees, I will also consider the post ideas given to me by other readers. So if you have any ideas please e-mail them to My main focus areas as usual will be computers, cars, cell phones and anything thing tech. But already it seems like getting posts only in these categories might be a bit too much (because I'll still have to blog about something worthwhile, unlike most other bloggers =), even for a tech addict like me.

Additionally, I wanted to mention that I'm finally planning to open up NetNewsWire and subscribe to some blogs. So if you too have a blog (preferably related to technology, as I really have no idea about basket weaving)... send me a link or post it here, and I'll be sure to subscribe. Interestingly enough, I have 1990 new posts to take care of right about now, which shows my lack of knowledge regarding what is happening in the tech world right now. So, while you browse through the new category page (built by hand sadly, since blogger's labels widget really sucked) on this blog, I shall go read something.

Got a question, tip or comment? Send them to and we'll try to answer it in a blog post!

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