Sunday 24 October 2010

Other alternatives to Google?

Most of the time I only ever use 3 search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo. But I've always wondered if there are other search engines that are just as good or better for particular type of searches?

With new features like instant, and the ability to use the I'm feeling lucky from the search options, Google seems to be the fastest way to find web pages on "teh interwebs" (funny how Google doesn't show corrected search terms when you search for this term) so far. But what about the ability to search multiple search engines at once (but without being a "meta search engine"), and having improved privacy?

Enter DuckDuckGo.

Like Google, it's quite fast, and some of the new features that google has such as the ability to select a search result with arrow keys, and then pressing enter, also there. However, DDG has some great options and features to search for something quickly, securely, and anonymously. The goodies page is your friend if you're planning to give this a "Go".

Another one of my favourites, although not really a search engine but a "computational knowledge engine" is Wolfram|Alpha. It's perfect for random/interesting facts, computing integrals (although it does take a while to enter it), comparing two things (like stocks) and a bunch of other things. And interestingly enough, it keeps getting better. If it doesn't know the answer to your question today, try the same query some other time and you may be pleasantly surprised!

A few new and interesting ones include Yebol (this search even gives you a link to Beyond Teck's feed when you search for beyond teck!) and Kosmix, which helps you search through the "social" things on the web.

Finally if you think you'll probably not be trying something new and sticking to Google, Bing or Yahoo (and not even bothering to try Ask!), you should definitely check out BlindSearch. It shows search queries from all 3 sites, but doesn't tell you which one is from which site, till you choose the best set of results... you may be surprised to learn that the search engine you like the best may not be the one you pick every time!

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  1. There is a new kid on the block: blekko. It is the slashtag search engine. All the SEO blogs are blogging about it. I am still not sure what to think of it, so check it our for yourself!

  2. Again, do any of these still exist? Anyone know if one of the factors in their inability to survive was connected to their underestimating the power of mobile? Something like 70% of searches are now done through mobile, ISIM and iUCC devices, and it seems this is something a lot of new search engines didn't plan for.