Sunday 6 February 2011

Using Google Squared to shop online

Google squared is a service that has been online for the past few years. The service allows you to compare several different alternatives for a particular product by showing you the prices and details for a particular product or a range of products.

I find this service to be quite helpful when searching for a particular class of products.  For instance, if I want to check out the latest Android phones all I need to do is visit the site and search for Android phones. Like so:

Google Squared showing a list of 3 android phones.

The site then shows options for three different phones and allows you to search for more phones that are similar.  You can also add different criteria to the colums and Google would try to find the information for you. For example you can add carriers, or colours or other attributes of the phones you would like to compare like battery life.

While the search feature is not perfect, it serves as a great starting point to get an idea of the different alternatives available to you. Next time you're in the market for new product, particularly a technological product, I suggest you try out Google Squared and see if it can you with helpful information.

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  1. What happened to this? I love how older websites and blogs are online time capsules of what we used, what was introduced and what worked and what didn't. It is really an archive of tech and online tech. Now with the huge development in LPWA, shopping online has changed so much.