Sunday 17 July 2011

Switch to 2G mode on your Samsung Galaxy S/Captivate/Vibrant

So apart from switching to HSDPA to 3G mode, you can actually go another step down to EDGE (or 2G) only mode on your Samsung Galaxy S phone.

Unlike other phones, however, the switch to 2G mode is somewhat sneaky on Samsung's phone, and I decided to make a note about it here.

To switch to 2G (well 2.5G theoretically) only mode for data do the following:

  1. Press Menu Button on home screen
  2. Settings
  3. Wireless and Network
  4. Mobile Networks
  5. Network Mode
  6. Choose GSM Only (i.e. only use Edge Speeds... without using HSPA (3G)).
This tweak will slow down your data connection a lot (making web browsing almost useless, and you can forget about using that flash player on the phone), but you may be able to almost double the standby battery life of your phone even when auto-sync is turned on.

Hope this helps the Galaxy S users out there!

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  1. Samsung mobile setting too easy to drive 2G mode.
    Thanks !
    Rafiq Zaman

  2. Interesting, to choose to step down. Does this work with all devices with a ISIM or iUCC?