Thursday 10 October 2013

iPhone Searching... No Service/No Reception Problem

Short answer: Turn of iMessages and try sending a text message to yourself to see if you get your network connection back.

This problem was so frustrating that I just had to make a post about how I managed to fix it. Today evening, all of a sudden someone iMessaged me and told me that they were unable to call me. I looked at my phone and saw that my phone said "No Service". I still had a wifi connection though. Peculiar.

My first reaction was to go to settings and put the phone in Airplane mode and turn on the radios back again. However, that didn't do much. I then went to Cellular settings and turned 3G on and Off. That too didn't do anything, still it said Searching... No service.

I then rebooted my phone, several times, and that too yielded no result. I then tried Resetting my network options and rebooted my phone again to see if I got my network connection back. Nope. I really didn't want to spend the time restoring my phone!

Finally, I remembered that the last message that I got from someone was a text message. So I figured that I should probably turn off my iMessage and try sending a text message to myself and see if that works. Somehow, as though it was magic, the iPhone got full reception and I started receiving text messages that were sent to me hours ago. All seems to be working well now.

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