Thursday 29 September 2005

My very own podcast!

Well I have some good news, I'm going to be starting my
very own weekly podcast
. Speaking of podcasts we saw a movie or a video
podcast by these people. Here are a few key things that I found out about

Want to know more about podcasts take a look at this article I dug up!It's from feedvurner wich explains all about Podcasting!

  • You need good hardware

  • You need programs like either Adobe Audition or Audacity to make your podcast all
    the more better

Well you can use stuff like sound recorder a tool that comes as default with
xp and other windows versions but it isn't as clear! So I guess other programs
aer the best way togo.

Some things that we should keep in mind while creating a mp3

  • while converting the normal wav file to mp3 using codecs use something
    like a 64 bit, so that it doesn't distort!

  • Always use the mono channel so that the sound is clear in all types of

  • Normalize the sound so that all the sound is of the same volume.

  • Always convert it into mp3 because this way you have more compression
    level and you don't have huge file sizes. Big file sizes might result in no
    downloads of the podcast.

That's right I'm going to be starting my very own
podcast. Infact I've completed a preview podcast of what my podcast is going to
be of, but is going to be a while though until I release it though. So until
then keep checking back later. If you have any suggestion of what I could
include on my podcast then please e-mail me @

Will be adding more to this post later

Source: From Stuff that I remember from the movie!

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