Monday 26 September 2005

Podcasting and communications

There are a lot of thing you can do on the internet, it's not just for e-mail and browsing through sites. There is a lot more to it too. I have assembled a list of stuff that you can do on the internet here.

Here are some interesting facts for you!

for networking you need hubs and switches, lots of types of networks

  • LAN-Stands for Local Area Network, the computers are connected either wirelessly or using category 5 cable or a RJ 45 cable. The computer can also be connected using 802.11 aor b or g.

  • WAN-Wide Area Network the network that is more wider, consisting of more lan. The largest wide area network right now is the... you guessed it the internet. This is because it consists of a network.
Things that I learnt about RSS

  • It stands for really simple syndication
  • You get updated information all the time
  • It comes to you you don't go to it
  • All you need to do is suscribe to the feed
Things that I learnt about Podcast

  • Podcast is like a radio show with no commercials
  • Podcast is a thing that is like broadcasting on the internet
  • You can subscribe to podcasts
  • podcasts keep you updated
To manage podcasts a good software is i-Tunes.

I personally for podcasts like i-tunes a lot, mainly because of how it looks(only thing I don't like is the scroll bars looka a bit wierd). I find that anything that apple makes has a really cool look to it unlike other software. Somehow the preview of the i-tunes lured me into downloading it and why now. It's free and it's got the cool mac style styling(i love mac style!) I wish there was a default setting already installed in my computer that would enable me to dress up my windows like mac (you can do that but you need to download some software and patches and so on)

Because I like the mac styling soo much I use firefox in firefox you can dress up the browse to look like a mac browse(too bad you can change the buttons and all that just the elements of the browser can be changed)

Will be adding more to this post as soon as I finish seeing the video of how to create your own podcast. I have a feeling that I'm going to be making my very own pedcas and my audioblog pretty soon.

Source my notes, things that I already knew, webopedia.
(please note that this post is still incomplete)

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