Saturday 26 November 2005

Finally an AIM version that looks better!

AIM has now launched its new AIM Triton, the newer version of Aol Internet Messenger. TritonFirst of all it looks better than the old one, which is one of the biggest differences. Plus it comes with plaxo an address book service to keep all your contacts in one place (such as hotmail contacts, yahoo contacts)

If you are using AIM you are going to be prompted to download the new Triton. But if you live in canada you will be taken to the AIM Canada page(which I don't think is updated yet), so you might want to go to the American page if you want to get it.

AOL has done a good job in giving their new messenger visual appeal but unfortunately I find it a bit to slow to respond, probably due to the graphics etc. Logging in is also slow for that matter.

The font as you can see looks like it is blured a little bit, which is kind of the style these days I guess. The font looks something like Google talk, because of this blurry ness. Not exactly Clear type font I must say... at least not the kind that most people prefer.

Over all in my opinion this messenger gets a 8 out of 10. Mainly because of its looks, but the features still need way more work. Then again this is something new so it is going to be a while until it is perfect

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