Tuesday 29 November 2005

Firefox 1.5 is here to reign the web browser world

Firefox 1.5
Yes, its official, Firefox 1.5 is here. The final version was released today.

The long wait is over, and Mozilla has launched firefox according to its planned schedule (man, those guys are perfect). I assume you already know what firefox is so go right ahead and download the 1.5 version from the firefox site. You are going to enjoy it!

Why is the final 1.5 version better? It is way better than the alpha, beta and release candidate releases because it doesn't have the bugs
that it used to have before. Those small bugs that bug you all the time seem to have dissapeared.

You'll know it as soon as you download it. It's speed seems to be more or less the same (faster by a few milliseconds or so for most sites according to my calculations)

The only downside to it probably is the themes, some themes need to be updated I guess.

This sweet browser even passes the US Federal Government Requirement for Accessibility. Who would have thought there was even a requirement like that? And that firefox had passed it (it's supposed to be only one a few that passes)...

Untill the next major release of Firefox, I'm quite sure this is the best browser out there.

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