Friday 4 November 2005

Mail Nation giving you 1083984MB of storage?

Yes, Mailnation Solutions is giving away 1083984MB or so of storage without any adds for free (and no I do not work for mailnation).

This was created in order to make people swhitch over from google, yahoo and hotmail. But I guess this is basically just there so that you can buy their 19.99 USD service.
Well good if you want so store some files on the internet but otherwise I guess Gmail and Yahoo and Hotmail are better.
Sometimes I wonder if it is really worth it having such e-mail addresses because the domain name just doesn't click. What's the point of getting a e-mail address that is something like or others that are just as crappy as this one. Plus this company isn't a reputable company either. It's just beginning to make a name for iteslf.
But if you wan't to store some files as drafts so that you can access it from anywhere I would even blink before I sign up for my account. If you get more gigabites then anywhere else(well I'm not sure if you can get more) then it could be worth it.
If you wan't to try it out for yourself then go to Then after you do that just come back here and leave a comment about how it was!

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