Thursday 3 November 2005

Tabbed browsing in IE with MSN toolbar!

Today I just realized that IE now has the tabbed browsing power. It feels good to realize that now even IE 6.0 can have tabbed browsing if you enable the new MSN Search Toolbar. You can download the latest version at their site
But it is sad to know that Microsoft was slow in adding tabbed browsing to Internet Explorer and never thought of it before the others did. The other thing that bugs me is that when you right click in IE you find that there is no "Open in new tab" option there's just a "Open in new background tab" and "Open in new foreground tab" somewhere at the bottom. So using the tab option is harder. Although you can set the settings to
Somehow I don't seem to like IE though because of one main reason, it's speed. IE has a really slow speed especially the slower versions. No matter how fast internet you have even with high speed IE takes a long time. Where as in firefox, your pages load way faster and I guess you can really know that if you have like slow internet or something as I'm not sure. So untill they make Internet Explorer better and faster and easier (I wonder when that's going to happen) to use I'm not going to switch over from Firefox!
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