Tuesday 3 January 2006

The iPod Shuffle Problem- Part 2

Many people seem to be having iPod Shuffle problems and I guess I'm not the only one and this is also a very useful post if you have iPod problems as well. This post is created for the people who needed help and said so in my previous post. If you haven't read my previous post called 'ipod Shuffle Problems?' then I suggest you read that right now!

Most of you have probably gone through the Apple iPod Support site. If you haven't done that yet then you might as well go through it now. The tips I give below are a mixture of my own tips and what the Apple support site has. You might also want to chat with a Apple Support Agent (24/7), which I higly reccomend... plus the funny thing is that they have this especially for iMac and iPod Shuffle customers. This makes me think, how much problems does the shuffle really have?!

How to solve 'My computer and iTunes don't detect my shuffle, I'm so tired of this thing' Problem:

Reset your iPod shuffle (My way...)

1. Turn over your iPod shuffle (keep it off)
2. Move the switch (the rectangular thing that turns your iPod shuffle on etc) down and wait for 5 seconds. Check if you are getting the green light on the back of your iPod, you will usually get if after 5 seconds.
3. Move it back up to off position wait for 5 secs
4. Then bring it back to on or shuffle position.

I think this way is going to work a little better, here's the original way (what Apple Recommends).

Check if iPodService.exe is running

1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Detele together to bring up Windows Task Manager
2. Go the Processes tab
3. Check if iPodService.exe is running- If it is running then your computer is allright.
4. If it isn't running then read Apple's full article over here...
Check if Safely Remove Hardware icon is there

1. In your system tray you should see a small 'Safely Remove Hardware' icon
2. Double click on it and check if you see iPod anywhere. If you see iPod anywhere this means that your PC is recognising that there is an iPod.

Download the latest iTunes... and make sure that you don't use anything else. If you don't want to use iTunes to put songs into you iPod then you can use other software as well. I'll write up a blog post on that as well.

Make sure you try it with all the USB ports on your computer. For example if your web-cam is using a usb port and has the same requirements of the Shuffle then remove the webcam and put your iPod in that port and check if it works.

How to solve 'The Ipod cannot be updated. An unknown error occurred (-36)' Problem:

Change your iPod shuffle Drive letter (I'm not sure if this helps but I'm putting it in here anyways if you are brave enough to try it out)- Your iPod needs to be plugged in...

1. Click Start
2. Click Control Panel
3. If you are in Classic View Click on Administration Tools
4. If you are in Category View Click on Performance and Maintenance and then on Administration Tools
5. Click Computer Management
6. Click Disk Management
7. Right click on ipod
8. Change the letter to something else

You might also want to read through what Apple has to say about this.
If you've tried all of the above, and are tired of your iPod having problems then make sure that you chat with a Apple Support Agent you can also call 1800-APL-CARE 'iBelieve'. If you bought your iPod shuffle recently and it isn't working and you've tried everything if possible just go and return it and get a better one.

If I haven't covered your problem then please write up a comment, and I'll add that solution to this post as well! Hopefully your iPod is going to work fine!

Please to read the iPod shuffle problems part 1 post as well as the stop the green and orange blinking lights error if that is your problem. You might also want to check out the fix your iPod shuffle post, just in case it might help you out.

Got a question, tip or comment? Send them to beyondteck+question@gmail.com and we'll try to answer it in a blog post!


  1. hey, i need help, i have a Shuffle gen2, and he just died, after about 2 weeks without use. When i plug in my pc he doesn´t work, he just blink orange 3 times and die, after this nothing hapen and my pc doesn´t recognize the ipod, ;/ if you can help me send me an email or contact me on msn please,
    email: joaoceonc@gmail.com
    msn: juhaummm@hotmail.com

  2. Me too I need help
    My ipod shuffle doesn't work for long time.And I just use it for one day.The iPod can't play songs now.Someone can help me?

  3. Have recently purchased an ipod shuffle 2nd gen. I am running windows xp with sp2. When connected to my pc, windows tries to build a driver for it but comes up with the message 'hardware was not installed correctly'. The ipod appears in the device manager with a yellow exclamation mark, driver update option does nothing. Any ideas?

  4. I have an Ipod Shuffle Gen. 2 1 Gig and my computer nor itunes recognizes the device. In my device manager it says "Unknown Device" and at the bottom it says "try reconnecting the device, if windows still does not recognize it, replace the device." I have tried everything and I cannot figure it out HELP!

  5. I got my IPOD shuffle in Feb 07 and have used it extensively to run with. But the other day, after my run, it just stopped working. No light, no sound, no nothing. It is just dead. I tried to recharge it, but that didn't do anything.
    I'm thinking maybe sweat got in it and fryed the circuits? What a piece of crap!

  6. my shuffle is dead!! it want do anything...light up..nada!! i mean this thing was working like a charm then all of the sudden poof!! i get this Hi-speed usb device attached to non hi-speed hub; i never had this before. i know all of the sudden my usb drives didn't just go generic on me. if you can help that would be dope!

  7. My 512MB I-pod Shuffle is none responsive when it is pulled out of my USB port not even the battery life indicator works. it should be fully charged because i've charged it for 2 days straight!!! and still no response I've got all the latest updates for itunes and my updater, I've restored it twice. my computer reads it I can use it as a memory stick but it just doesn't play music!!!! :( When I plug it in it comes up with a orange light that keeps flashing. CAN SOME ONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO GET IT WORKING!!! (oh yer I bought it on 22 DEC 2006)if any 1 has a sollution please contact me with this email (slipknotFU@hotmail.com)

  8. Hm. Got my Shuffle in December. 4 months later and it frazzles out on me, won't stay on, sometimes won't turn on at all. The Apple store guys tried to reset it, no luck. They eventually replaced it, and said condensation had gotten inside (I carry it while I'm running, because I like to switch songs, so I figured that was a valid guess, and after that kept either a little plastic bag around it or a "skin" to keep out condensation.)
    Four or five months later and it starts getting cranky again, and finally stops working completely. I took it in to see if they could reset it, and with hardly any poking around at it, they just handed me a new one, boom, like that. Are these things so delicate that they're not even TRYING to fix them anymore?

  9. Well, they are not all that delicate per se, however it's impossible for anyone (even the geniuses down at the apple store) to simply take a ipod shuffle or any other ipod for that matter apart and fix it. The only viable option is to get them replaced. Besides, I'm certain that the cost of creating one of these devices is far less than what they are sold for on the shelf. So if they find a problem in a shuffle, they'll probably just replace it if it's under warranty because it's cheaper, easier and faster.

  10. Hi,

    I had attached ipod shuffle in my comuter but it is showing driver not found error so please let me know from where i can get driver. I heard that windows xp itself have this driver preinstalled then why i am getting this error?

    plz send me solution at ss_gautam2002@yahoo.com

    thanks in advance.

  11. hey dude tried all that you advised above but still shuffle wont work the drive shows up on my comp but then disapears, its as if it doesnt see it as an ipod.

    If you have any ideas regarding this can you please email me davidjackson14@gmail.com

    Any help would be fantastic!!!

  12. I just bought one the other day. I followed the instructions to the "t" and my computer as well as iTunes detects that its there, but I can't get it to work. It's been charging for over 24 hours. I have transfered music to the device using explore not using iTunes. When I eject the shuffle, put my earphones on and plug it in, press play...it flashed green then orange a few times and then shuts itself off. I've called the helpless desk. Installed, deleted and reinstalled and nothing is working! I'm about to pull my hair out...or what's remaining of it I should say.

  13. hey first and foremost thanks a lot

    my i pod chuffle died, showing orange on green 3 weeks ago, so in my break now i decided i should see what i can do about it, i read this article and my shufffle is back agian

    what i did was that i formatted the ipod shuffle using fat32 in the computer management, so when i started i tunes again as i expected it read the shuffles software to be completely currupt and this time it went ahead and restored the settings and its working

  14. I was using my ipod last night and it worked fine, then I went to listen to it later and it wouldn't work, it was flashing orange and green. Can you help me with this?

  15. Hello, well my dad had gotten an iPod shuffle (I don't know what kind, holds 967 MB) and it's having some technical difficulties(since last week, march 24) We bought it on March 19th. Everytime I try to update the darn iPod it gives me, "The iPod cannot be synced. The required disk cannot be found". UGHHH. and we never recieved a disk in the first place. I've followed your instructions and they didn't help, and reviewed the comments from other people. AHHH, I just don't know what to do now /: If anyone can help, email me! Hershey_kiss0505@yahoo.com

    - please!

  16. Hello!

    I recently bye an ipod shuffle 2nd gen. 1GB.

    I installed iTunes and everything and managed to get some songs into my ipod.
    I plug my iPod in and iTunes opens and every thing going well sync songs donot disconnect when it finished then suddenly one message shows “THE IPOD CANNOT BE SYNCED. THE REQUIRED DISK CANNOT BE FOUND.”
    If anyone can help, email me!
    Please help!

    It's more than a little frustrating!

    I've read the FAQ and unless I've missed it nothing seems to cover this.

  17. i purchased a new ipod shuffle last week and everything was working well.but after some days the whole thing stopped working.no light
    (nothing) and my laptop doesnt read it whenever i connect it.am getting sick and tied of apple.can anyone help me.


  18. for my shuffle, it doesnt seem to work. i didnt put into water or doo anything to it. im not sure if the problem is the shuffle or the charger dock. i have tried all of reset method that you gave but my shuffle doesnt seem to give any lights. i think that my shuffle is out of battery. but that is only because my stupid charger dock doesnt seem to charge my ipod.. help?
    oh, and my shuffle is a second generation

  19. i brought ipod shuffle
    i tryed to put music on it by window media player
    the song went on it but when i turn it on and play it .. It blinks green and orange 5 sec
    what should i do

    please help

  20. Hello all, Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comments!

    Unfortunately, I can't do much if your iPod doesn't even show any lights or shows wierd errors like the ones mentioned above. However, if it does have the orange/green lights, please see the orange green lights post!!!


    Also, you cannot put music on an iPod with Windows Media Player, you can only use iTunes for now. Or WinAmp, if you are so inclined.

    If there's anything else, please contact me at beyondteck@gmail.com! And I'll try to help out as much as possible.


  21. Well i have a 1st generation shuffle and i have had it for two years and stuff but a year ago it just stopped working i dont know what is wrong with it. I plugged it in to the computer and it wont charge i tried to reset it it wont reset. I tryed to restore it it wont restore i have called apple and they said they couldnt do anything and i have gone all over web sights to look for a cure for it i also have an older ipod and it wont work eaither. I think i will stop buying i pods. and buy more other brands like zune for a try. i dont know i just cant figure it out! help me if you can! please!

  22. I had this problem as well..."Unknown device". Guess what it was? I was using a USB extension cord. Wouldn't think that would matter huh? The cord is good...but must be some different type than the apple cord. Simply plugging the white usb cord directly into the computer worked!

  23. I have an interesting iPod Shuffle (Gen 2) issue for you.

    I received 2 Shuffles for Christmas. One of them works perfectly, but the other does absolutely nothing - no lights and no recognition by the PC or by iTunes.

    I have looked on Apple's site for replacement options, but haven't found any help. What route would you suggest I take to get this repaired or replaced?


  24. I hava an ipod shuffle 2nd gen

    when i connect to my comp,itunes opens automaticall(duh)
    but as soon as itunes opens my shuffle gets disconnected
    n also...although i hav zero songs,
    my itunes says that 150MB is occupied

    i would luv to hear a sol

  25. i have a ipod shuffle 2G . i recently did a firmware upgrade to version 1.0.4 and restored factory settings .

    now here is the problem:-

    1: Disk space reduced to 877.4 MB from 989 MB.

    2: filled all songs again , disconnected , then pressed the play button !!!!!!!! NO music playing .ALTERNATE GREEN AND ORANGE LIGHT blinking.

    i tried using ipod reset utility but that was of no use.

    please help ....

    my e-mail:-


    thanks in advance.

  26. hi,

    i have ipod shuffle 2GB....everytime i plugin it says problem with synchronising with my laptop, when i choose to synchronise current version aumaticaly which erases all files but still it doesnt work.....gives the same problem when i plug in everytime after doing it. Any solutions plz...


  27. my ipod shuffle is having the same problem as andrew any help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. My Ipod Shuffle Was just bought today and i plugged it into my hp and neither the computer or Itunes is showing any signs of it being connected. This isnt mine its my friends PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!

  29. my ipod shuffle, i've had it for about 6 months now. my little brother was mucking around with it and kept pulling it out and then putting it back in. Then Itunes wouldn't open for me and i took it out. i then put it in later and it said i needed to format, so i did. but it didn't work and came up "iTunes has decected an ipod in a recovery mode. you must restore this ipod before it can be used with itunes". i tried your method but it didnt work so i tried the Apple one but on my all programs the folder thing calle "iPod" was not there. Also i think it has something to do with Firmware damaged.
    i really would appreciate your advice and help. can i fix it or will i have to send it off to get fixed by apple?
    Help please.


    just leave message here and i'll read it.

  30. I tried everything you said but I have still problems with my ipod, it deasn t work basically...son dunno what to do

  31. my Ipod Shuffle Is getting updated ... and says ok to disconnect Bt When i unplug and try to listen songs ... My Ipod Continously Shows A green light and doesnot play any song ... What kind of a problem is dis .. ??

  32. ahhm there's always this thing that appears that "the required disk cannot be found". what will i do?

  33. hey this is nikhil here
    i read thru ur posts.i have a 1st genrtn shuffle i dowloaded the latest itunes and
    restored the ipod .itunes can detect it and songs can be uploaded.The only problem is that when i plug it in the orange light starts blinking as if it were charging . i plugged it in for more than eight hours it wont start no green light when i turn it on or press the battery button to check the charge.
    i need ur desparate help i love my ipod i dont wanna c it degrade
    my email nikhil.menon@yahoo.co.in

  34. I hate my ipod shuffle. the clicker to the headphones are so poorly made, that I have to replace them every week.Without the headphones I cannot use the ipod shuffle.

  35. Hi i used my ipod mostly after 1 year,my ipod shuffle is of gen2 model and now my problem is that i recently connected to my laptop and when its opened i clicked ok synchronise button,then started problems for me,all the songs are deleted and now am unable to load songs plz can anybody solve my problem
    if so plz mail me.........my email id is

  36. can anyone inform me if is true about the new shuffle pod that you can only use there headphones on it as i dont want to go out and buy it if i cannot use my own headphones as there own do not seems to stay in ears

  37. My iPod shuffle worked perfectly till yesterday. Today suddenly iTunes can't detect it... Anybody can help me?

  38. downloaded hundreds of songs from cd,s now half of them cannot be located or played

  39. ipod shuffle 2nd g isnt recognized by itunes or my computer or by media monkey my usb ports are fine because it recognizes my camera and mp3 player and mouse but not my ipod and half of the things u mention i dotn have on my windows vista home basics

  40. Ipod shuffle 2nd generation, 2 GB. Bought it yesterday. Itunes or the ipod stop working after uploading some tunes (randomly). Orange light blinking forever.
    Itunes not working according to windows, can't shut it down. The only way to make it work again is to disconnect ipod from computer.
    All colors blinking again, restored, everything seems to be fine, but it stops again (don't know if it's itunes or the ipod) always at a random song, no matter if it's mp3, aac, wav o aiff. Sometimes it stops at the first song, sometimes at the last.
    Had to restore the thing everytime after that.
    Tried the little shit on win xp sp3 and w7x64. I want to kill somebody for this

  41. plzzz sum 1 help...i was listening da song...suddenly my ipod shuffle stopped working....i don kno wht to do....derz no light,itz not charging neither da computer dosnt detect

  42. What is up with Apple? I have had so many problems with my ipods. I go to the store and there are so many people there with problems. I feel like I am at the DMV. I need their help, and there is no other place I can go, and they know it. Aren't they customer friendly?

  43. My ipod kept doing the orange/green flashing thing even though it was full of podcasts and restoring it did nothing. I just tried switching the shuffle/play-normally switch and now it is working fine!