Sunday 19 February 2006

The dunk contest was awesome

Today I was really mad at myself for not remembering that there was a NBA dunk contest, and other interesting stuff as well. Instead I was busy opening up my computer and tweaking the DVD and CD drives so that I could use a Live CD more often. However I did manage to remember that there was a dunk contest and finally watched the ending of the dunk contest (the final round). I was surprised at how good people are in dunking... me... I can't even dunk donuts properly ;) Nate Robinson was Awesome. Now I have a feeling that my fried Nate Robertson (an excellent ball player!) might now change his name to Nate Robinson, that would be interesting.

And actually the way he dunked over Webb was totally crazy, and he didn't even have to slouch because Robinson had some major air... totally mind blowing. And it was interesting that it was the first ever tie in NBA history, it looked to me like the judges actually wanted a tie. Igudala was marvellous as usuall and I believe that he did an awesome job, but it was interesting to see that he didn't get rewarded for it properly by the judges. Oh well what do I know...

Anyways I can't wait for the All Star game tomorrow, it's going to be very exiting.

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