Tuesday 21 February 2006

My Gmail now has smileys :)

Finally, when you use the Gmail Skins extension, you can use smileys in Gmail in the compose mail section... and to be honest, I seem to like the semi glossy emoticons. They seemed to have changed the expressions of the smileys a little bit, but they are pretty much the same. I can't wait to use them :D

Oh yeah and they've also added an 'Insert Image button' which is kinda cool, if you are a person who likes to include pictures in emails. So if you really don't want to change the look of Gmail all that much but would like to use emoticons I strongly suggest that you get the extension.

So if you haven't seen it yet get the gmail skins extension to experience the emoticons :)

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1 comment:

  1. http://www.moktoipas.com/lanews.php?DATE=361

    I created an even better extension to have smiley in gmail!

    The smiley simply appear when you type ":)" or ":D" etc...