Wednesday 22 March 2006

Does my site need more pics?

When I was browsing around the net today I just realized that all the other sites are quite colourful because they seem to have a lot of pictures in them that's why I decided that it's about time I do the same as well.
So I went around the net seeing if I could steal some icons or something like that for myself. And I was very tempted to steal icons from Foood, a icon guru. However I restrained myself from stealing other people's work, even though he allowed you to do that. Instead I created my own set of icons. I call them BCons (if you have a better name tell me). So I'll try to use these as well to help you identify my posts, and add some more colour over all to this blog.
And as another feature, I am also going to add the Lightbox.js effect for all the pictures in my tutorials so that it might help you out better!

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