Wednesday 22 March 2006

Using the Find tool in Firefox

Firefox has many great things stored in it, and is by far one of the greatest browsers ever created. However not all people are familiar with all of it's hidded (you just need to play around with it) features. So right now I would like to accquaint you with one of those features.
The find tool, or the 'Find in this page' bar is really great and I use it all the time. All it does is basically helps you find the text you want in the page.
To use it all you do is press Ctrl+F!
This is especially useful when you are looking for something in the page. For example you do a search on the net, and then when you come to the page you find that it is impossible to find what Google showed you. Then you can use this feature and easliy find whatever it was that you were looking for!

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