Wednesday 31 May 2006

How we depend on technology in school

Today I was just finishing up my Geo project and I realized (just like my other 'realization' moments that I've documented in this blog) that we depend so much on computers these days that it actually makes us less intelligent. For example, instead of checking and knowing the spelling the word and using dictionaries when doing projects we can just us a spell checker in a word processing program. Although this makes is more convenient for us, we don't look at the correct spelling of the word all we do is right click on the word and select the spelling that looks correct to us, without even bothering to learn the spelling.

After I thought about it it seemed to me that people are getting carried away by technology and that's why we are loosing our normal intelligence that we always had. It's not a bad thing, because I'm quite certain that things like computers are always going to be with us (although nothing is for granted) but it's not a great thing too.

I know for sure that soon after I finished this blog post and finished my homework, I'm definitely going to start writing things out the 'old school' way instead of just typing things out and handing them in. I believe that this way, I won't loose touch of technology and at the same time I won't forget how to use the dictionary and write as well.

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  1. I agree with the sentiment of your post and its truth is borne out by your misspelling of the words 'losing' and 'lose'.

  2. Indeed, this just goes to show how much I depend on spell check to ensure that my words aren't misspelled without paying attention to the actual grammatical mistakes (and amount of informal language used for that matter) that I make.

    Especially when it comes to homonyms as you rightly pointed out.

  3. this is absolutely right!!! I depend on spell check so much, it is so bad for us. We are losing our intelligence.